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DIY Desktop CNC Machine Comprehensive Plans & Manual

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131 illustrated pages of instruction on how to build your own DIY DesktopCNC Machine. Purchase includes a MyDIYCNC builder's account with access to additional downloads, resources and tech support. More information...


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DIY Desktop CNC Machine Complete Kit
DIY Desktop CNC Machine Complete Kit MyDIYCNC Sprite Desktop CNC MachineNew Sprite Desktop CNC MachineMyDIYCNC USB SolutionMyDIYCNC HiTorque SpindleMyDIYCNC Sprite Desktop CNC Machine


The Sprite Complete Kit: It's all here - you provide the labor and sweat equity to build your complete DIY Desktop CNC Machine.

You assemble the provided parts and connect the wiring following instructions provided in the included plans and comprehensive manual.  Everything required, including all electronics and spindle, is included in the kit. You provide the tools and time. Requires basic domestic tools.

Want to see how easy it is to build? Take a look at the machine assembly manual.

We've taken our successful original DIY Desktop CNC Machine and redesigned those aspects that effect performance and capability to provide you with the most capable, versatile and cost-effective desktop CNC machine available.
New features and advancements include:
  • All-new billet aluminum, precision machined parts
  • Larger work area  7" [178 mm] x 13" [330 mm] x 3.7" [94 mm]
  • Fewer parts (previous assemblies are now single machined parts) for greater precision, accuracy and durability
  • Built-in precise alignment of parts
  • Pocketed bearings for precise alignment and reduced play
  • Stiffer raised aluminum table incorporates slots and threaded holes for clamps and screw down fixtures - table now clears side rails and X motor for extended workspace
  • Centered Z motor/drivetrain for extended Y axis travel and less canting/binding
  • Anti-backlash mechanism now machined into axis carriage for greater accuracy and repeatability
  • Z carriage features billet aluminum bolt-on tool plate and machined aluminum spindle mounts

Our new and improved Sprite Desktop CNC Machine Complete Kit now includes precision CNC-milled aluminum parts throughout, improved spindle mounts, and our Upgrade Spindle incorporating ball bearing shaft, speed adjustment, built-in cooling fan and keyless 3-jaw chuck as standard. Parts include all holes pre-drilled and all hardware required is included, ready to assemble.

Includes our Construction Plans and Comprehensive Builder's Manual plus a set of three 2-layer MyDIYCNC Stepper Driver Modules, a MyDIYCNC Spindle Control Module, full set of rods, bearings and billet aluminum axis carriages, set of three stepper motors, threaded rods, couplings, and built-in anti-backlash leadscrew mechanisms for the X, Y and Z axes, complete chassis and carriage parts, power supply, enclosure, 12V spindle and all required hardware. Includes comprehensive assembly instructions.

The base parallel machine connects to your Windows or Linux/Ubuntu PC which you setup and configure as instructed with your choice of 3rd-party CNC software application (we recommend KCam or EMC2, both on the DVD). The optional USB Solution is even easier! Install FabCAM, the CNC software we provide, plug your CNC machine to an available USB port on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, load your GCode and start milling.

Your MyDIYCNC Sprite Desktop CNC Machine includes a Priority VIP direct e-mail tech support account and access to our tech support website, our resources and downloads sections, and forum. These are setup automatically for you as part of the checkout process.

See Specifications:

Price: $625.00

Use this kit to add limit switches to your Desktop CNC Machine (some soldering and drilling required)

Parallel Port Cable to connect standard system to PC (not needed if USB Solution chosen, but USB systems are dual-port and can still be used with recommended parallel port CNC software)

Add a Parallel Port Interface to your PC (not needed if USB Solution chosen)

Upgrade your Kit or Turnkey system to our 4x torque spindle, normally $49.95 when purchased separately. See Add-ons HiTorque Spindle for specifications.

USB Solution includes interface, software and cable to make your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine USB-controlled [SP500]