Excellent precision at tremendous value

MyDIYCNC BigFoot and Sprite

We designed our new family of MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machines to provide the best available precision and reliability at an affordable price.

Precision parts machined from billet aluminum make assembly easy and ensures correct alignment and smooth performance. Motors, power supply, electronics and spindle are included as standard so no more guessing what additional parts to get and if they're compatible - our Complete Kit and Turnkey systems come ready and eager to work on your next project1.


MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine at work

With our optional USB Solution we provide a complete hardware and software package. No more complicated setup or configuration; when you use our USB Solution with FabCAM desktop CNC application it's pretty much plug-in-and-go2. The same system runs equally well on Windows, Linux or Mac host systems.

We include pictorial step-by-step instructions and manual,  technical support, advice and recommendations to help make your next project a complete success. Because from our perspective, your success is our success.


Whether you're making engine parts, model airplanes, engraving medalsPCB milling with your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine or prototyping printed circuit boards, our Desktop CNC Machines provide a highly versatile and capable tool with which to take your creativity to the next level.

Miniature Han Solo in carbonite milled on MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC MachineEngraving on MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine

Our machined parts are made for us by a high-precision company and Boeing aircraft sub-contractor




  • All-aluminum design for stability, precise alignment and robust performance.
  • Solid square tube frame machined for precise alignment
  • Solid aluminum diagonal brace ensures and maintain squareness
  • Aluminum table maintains rigidity while offering threaded mounting holes and clamping slots throughout.
  • Tough HDPE gantry supports and backbrace for rigidity and precision alignment
  • Carriages milled from aluminum block reduces parts and simplifies assembly while ensuring the precision and alignment critical to the final output.



  • Standard anti-backlash mechanism on all axes ensures high-precision
  • Mechanical step resolution of 0.00025 inch/step, increasable to 0.000031 inch/step with micro-stepping electronics
  • State-of-the-art Igus bearings provide smooth and precise motion


Our standard electronics use our own single-step high-torque stepper driver boards, driving a set of three MyDIYCNC 12V stepper motors, one for each axis. Geared to a ratio of 200 steps per revolution, this arrangement provides a high resolution of 4000 steps per inch, (0.00025 inch for each step, i.e. a quarter of a thousandth of an inch). For most applications this resolution is more than adequate, but for those who want a higher resolution we offer microstepping electronics as an upgrade. That upgrade can increase the step resolution to an amazing 0.00003 inches per step (32000 steps per inch).

USB control via the MyDIYCNC USB Solution

Separate microprocessor control manages timing and precision under control of FabCAM running on the host computer

Cross-platform solution: FabCAM runs on Windows, Mac and Linux host computers


FabCAM provides a fully-rendered 3D view of your G-Code model and allows complete manual and automated control of your CNC machine.

Concept to object:

With the winning combination of FabCAM and MeshCAM your creative production line has become so much easier. Use your favorite design tool to export your CAD file into MeshCAM, then output your MeshCAM toolpaths in G-Code to FabCAM for rendering on your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine. Whatever design application you use, whether it be SketchUp, Solidworks, Alibre, Blender, or another it's never been easier to capture and render your creations on a desktop.


The immensely-versatile MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machines are used in over 45 countries across the globe in many exciting applications, such as


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Jewelry making
  • Injection mold making
  • Printed circuit board milling
  • Architectural model making
  • Museum display rendering
  • Lithopane making
  • Automated sculpture
  • Model railroad, boat and aircraft making
  • Medal and coin milling
  • Wax model making for metal molds
  • Small/custom arms parts manufacturing
  • Watch making
  • Sign and decal making
  • Engraving
  • Enclosure and control panel milling
  • Robotic vehicle and UAV chassis milling
  • Locksmithing




1 Software optional, End mill suitable for your project/material required

 2 Host computer will need current Java and OpenGL graphics drivers. Some systems may need better (inexpensive) graphics card.

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