Quick and Easy Text Engraving

Engraving Text with your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine

Engraving with your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC MachineMyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine makes for a terrific engraver

This is a quick and easy tutorial about engraving text with your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine. There are many ways to do create GCode from text, but we're going to start with perhaps the easiest way, and in subsequent tutorials we'll show other more complex methods.

DeskEngrave application

Here are some examples (on brass and aluminum) of engraving that we've done using this procedure.

Engraving on a MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine

Engraving with a diamond-tip drag bit

Different fonts engraved

In this tutorial we will use DeskEngrave which is a nice and simple, free program for Windows (although we've run it with Wine on Linux) for creating GCode or DXF files from entered text. You're not going to engrave paragraphs with this method, but you can follow this process to create quickly-engraved words, names, phrases and small sentences in a straight line or on a curve.

What you need:

  • DeskEngrave: download and install from this website
  • FabCAM (or another CNC applications such as KCam, EMC2 or Mach3)
  • Your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine
  • Suitable end mill for your engraving and the object you're engraving
    For this tutorial we used a 60-degree carbide engraving V-bit purchased on eBay

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