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DIY Desktop CNC Machine Comprehensive Plans & Manual

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131 illustrated pages of instruction on how to build your own DIY Desktop CNC Machine. Purchase includes a MyDIYCNC builder's account with access to additional downloads, resources and tech support. More information...


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If you have a registered account you can view the Project Updates page for information about the DIY Desktop CNC Machine development, exciting R&D work on projects such as our USB interface and Laser Head, among other exciting developments.

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Details about our products and their availability can be found in the online catalog. The Comprehensive Plans & Manual eBook is available for instant download, and the cost of eBook is automatically discounted off the price of an Easy Build Kit, Complete Kit or Turnkey System if you purchase using your MyDIYCNC account. Purchases include a MyDIYCNC account with access to tech support and many additional supplemental documents and resources.


At MyDIYCNC we've developed a modular, straight-forward and inexpensive desktop CNC machine to demystify and uncomplicate computer controlled machining for the hobbyist and small scale manufacturer. For our earliest homebuilt CNC machine our products have grown in performance, capability and robustness to bring you our current line-up of precision-machined and easy-to-assemble Complete (everything included) Kits, or if you prefer our built Complete Turnkey Machines.

Our Kits and Turnkey machines include everything you need to get started - no having to buy electronics, or motors, of other critical parts; we include everything including tools to assemble your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine. Add our USB Solution and you even have CNC software to drive your new CNC Machine.

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