Project Overview

A Well-defined, Robust, Configurable Desktop CNC Machine


The purpose of this project is to provide a clear and understandable path for the hobbyist and enthusiast to build their own CNC machine. To that end, the project had to have the following:

  • Clear, easy to follow design
  • Comprehensive construction and operation manual
  • A "Desktop" size form factor with letter size (8.5"x11") table/workspace
  • Provide several project entry points: plans; kits; completed product
  • Be built from either purchased or recycled (scavenged) materials and components
  • Be budget-sensitive and cost-effective
  • Operate with the majority of the commonly-available CNC apps
  • Drive bipolar stepper motors (less expensive, more common, better torque)
  • Buildable with minimal electronic or construction skills
  • Configurable to accommodate a range of spindle options
  • Configurable to accommodate milling, cutting, engraving, laser etching

The project was intended to address the lack of comprehensive instruction for the homebuilt CNC machine, and the lack of entry points for builders of varying skills and resources.. 

MyDIYCNC set about resolving these needs by addressing the above-listed criteria.

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